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Why September is the Best Month to Visit New Orleans

kayak tour

September is one of the best months to visit New Orleans, here are some reasons why! Fragrant Flowers Not busy Great temperature Milwaukee Kayak Company says so! Wildlife is active Possible hurricane storms and it can be a bit rainy, but we still find plenty of time to go on swamp tours. Find out why November is a…

Poda’s Paddling Pet Peeves

Swamp Monster

Paddling Pet Peeves by Nick Napoda For many of you, a swamp tour will be your first paddling experience. Avoid these six things enhance your time on the water. Lilly Dipping: Lilly dipping is when you take short, effortless strokes, hardly wetting the paddle in the water. The result? You get left behind! The correction?…



A FIRM MODERATE STANCE a pathetically cohesive rambling on the current political climate by Jeffrey Chitek How does anyone think they know anything?  True wisdom takes a great deal of flexibility and critical thinking.  You can educate yourself all you want, but with what tools are you receiving your education?  Be patient. Be kind.  Don’t get…