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Shell Bank Bayou Adventure

A picturesque swamp that holds its beauty year round.

Quick Details

Person All Ages
Private Tour
Person Can bring up to 8 for additional cost
Additional Person

Kayak Through Shell Bank Bayou

If you are a more experienced (not a first timer) kayaker trying to get away from the regular crowds and varying levels of experience and skill that come with them, this four-hour excursion is for you. This is a tour for the adventurer, an opportunity to go a little bit further and see a whole lot more.

Spend four hours total on the water, guided by an experienced local naturalist, exploring the vast cypress forests and bayous that make up our nation’s second-largest bald cypress swamp.

On the return, meander and go bird watching, as the area surrounding the edge of Lake Maurepas if famous for its dense barred owl populations as well as other large birds of prey.

This is an immersive swamp adventure, educational and rewarding, intended for the outdoorsy traveler looking for a non-touristy authentic swamp experience.

What’s Included:

  • 3-4Four hours on the water, 5-6 hours total including transportation
  • Everyone gets their own kayak (per request)