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Favorite Wintertime Activities in New Orleans

Honey Island Kayak Swamp Tour

Part 1-

Three awesome things to do in New Orleans during the winter are to play music and sing, as well as going to the town to listen to live music. Cultivating energy on the dance floor is amazing, preferably at the fore-mentioned live music show. Last but not least, the very best thing you can do in New Orleans is go on a kayak tour and bask in the serenity of the swamp’s delights.

 The best part of it all is that you can do all these things in one beauty packed day! Replenish your vitality with a dose of Vitamin D and the communion with nature, while entering a flow state as you awaken your body with movement. Relax during the joys of being chauffeured to and from town. Refuel and hit it hard on the town come nightfall. So let’s go!

Part 2-

Some radical things to do in New Orleans during the winter months include singing, gambling, and shopping. There is a legendary karaoke bar on St. Claude called Kajuns that is worth your vocal presence. Always conflicting on some level to step foot in the door, it is all the more satisfying of time, as the vibe and enthusiasm takes hold and the joys of group singing manifest. Be a part of the music, go sing some, it’s good for your soul. Less soul enlivening, but visceral nonetheless is a bit of casino action at either Harrah’s casino my favorite, Melba’s can wash your clothes, get a daiquiri, and hit the slots all in one go. Hallelujah! Last but not least, there is a plethora of art and locally made creations of wonder around every corner. Look for the obscure pop ups and ephemeral offerings for a taste of the underground community that thrives here. The Big Easy requests your participation, don’t be afraid to dive in!

From $59

Once you’ve walked around the French Quarter, see the rest of this beautiful city by electric bike! Cruise through bohemian neighborhoods, ride along the river for spectacular views of the city, explore City Park and visit the Lakefront all in a 3 hour tour.

A relaxing kayak rental allows you to explore Bayou Bienvenue.

  • Tandem and Single Kayaks
  • Life Jackets provided
  • Paddles provided
  • Backrests provided
  • Hourly rental blocks


  • Plant a cypress tree on your experience.
  • Rent a Fishing pole
  • Rent a crab pot