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Spring Sprung!


Spring has Sprung in Manchac Swamp!

AJ Nash, Operations/Head Guide

Hidden Adventure Tours

New Orleans, LA.

Wow! We’ve been busy paddling every day in Manchac Swamp this winter! As fun as that has been, the season is changing. It seems that the Mardi Gras miracle of a warm sunny Fat Tuesday has catapulted us into spring! I find it necessary to recap todays changes. For those of us who spend at least a couple hours daily in the wetlands of Louisiana, we know and love the bare bald cypress and the visual serenity and solace of the winter cypress swamps. We’ve had more fun this past season than ever, so spring moving forward is wildly engaging! A short recount of todays sightings includes a minimum of two dozen alligators, many dozens of water snakes, eagles, cardinals, king-fishers, southern painted turtles and red-ear sliders! Quite the wake up call! Hope you folks can come kayak Manchac Swamp with us soon!

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