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Recovering from Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras

Carnival season in New Orleans is incredible, unlike any atmosphere that I have experienced before.  This city runs unearthly and mystical enough as is, but give these beautiful aesthetic renaissance creatures a month-long free ticket to unleash their inner gonzo potential and you better print more paper.  The streets become sloshing interactive exhibits of perfectly paradoxical behaviors.  The days melt together if you let them.  Ash Wednesday falls,  Mardi Gras is over.

So how do you deal with the depression onset by the lack of magic in the air?  …Here are a few ideas.

  1. Start a podcast
  2. Wash your dishes
  3. Go fishing
  4. Draw a picture
  5. Buy a new pair of shoes
  6. Learn how to pop a wheelie on a bicycle
  7. Quit your job
  8. Move to Mexico illegally
  9. Start wearing a cowboy hat
  10. Online credit card shopping
  11. Satanic yoga classes
  12. Visit your childhood home on Google street view
  13. Dig a hole
  14. Light your couch on fire
  15. Throw your flaming couch in the hole
  16. Email your friends Grandpa
  17. Invent a religion
  18. Start a group message with everyone in your phone
  19. Watch the entire Downton Abbey series

I hope this list has given you some guidance and that it comes in useful for your future post-Mardi Gras blues

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