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Fun with the Bossman


Few words can describe my new boss A J. (Off the top of my head I’d use Incredible, bossy and FUN.) The first time I remember hanging with A J on a professional level he changed my life by introducing me to a highly addictive taco truck while simultaneously teaching me our booking program. That’s my kind of work day. My first kayak tour with him was a full moonlight tour at sunset with some of my best gals. He made sure to freak me out by pushing our canoe into any creepy, alligator swarming, dark corner. We even had a magical moment where a giant turtle swam right up to us! We got stuck on a few cypress knees and after being adamant about NOT EVER stepping out of the kayak in the dark, he showed me how to wiggle and rock free. (I’m glad it was dark and the frogs were so loud so you couldn’t tell how freaked out I was.) The past few weeks since then have been challenging but more than anything EDUCATIONAL. He is a great example of balance…. and quite a good dancer.

Enjoy this video and more to come!


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A J > Tacos  challange?


Lousiana nightlife




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