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AJ Could Be a Mosquito


I couldn’t tell you exactly why I think AJ IS or closely related to the mosquito, maybe its because sometimes he sucks the life out of me when he calls me about nothing important at 4am after I work a double back to back. Perhaps its because I think he might be giving me a disease because I feel sick around him- or that the stress of having to run random errand like feed the cat and lock his door so the cat doesn’t wake him then run to get snacks makes me itchy and stressed. More than likely its because many times when I hang around him, I want to slap him. There are over 3,000 different types of mosquitoes- 68 of them live in Louisiana, isn’t is possible he is one of those types??!!

Here is some funny mosquito facts:


  1. You talk too much (This made my hubby laugh hysterically)  – Mosquitoes are attracted to Carbon Dioxide, those who exhale (talk/breathe) more than others attract more mosquitoes (makes sense, I’m a talker).
  2. Blood type O (which I am) – According to a published study on “mosquito landing preferances”, Those with type O blood attract more biting insects than those with A,B, or AB Blood
  3. Sweating – People who sweat or with higher body temperatures send signals to mosquitoes that the buffet is now open (another great reason for me not to exercise)
  4.  Mosquitoes Are Alcoholics – For unknown reasons, mosquitoes are attracted to those who consume alcohol more than those that don’t. If you like to have an evening cocktail, it’s best to stay indoors.

Marigolds, by the way, are a beautiful and natural mosquito deterrent.

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