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a pathetically cohesive rambling on the current political climate

by Jeffrey Chitek

How does anyone think they know anything?  True wisdom takes a great deal of flexibility and critical thinking.  You can educate yourself all you want, but with what tools are you receiving your education?  Be patient. Be kind.  Don’t get ahead of yourself with news found in your Facebook feed.  If you can’t plead a case for the other side then you don’t deserve to be in a discussion because you’re missing half the perspective.  If you label someone who doesn’t share your specific political fabric as your enemy, then you are stretching the wound rather than mending it.  Fuck these political memes.  They are an easy to swallow pill form of fallacious propaganda from both “sides”.  Can we have an honest conversation about things that matter and try to find common ground in this radical or nothing political climate?  Try to quiet your hatred and reactionary provocations and rather bring something valuable to the table before it loses a leg.  Everything in moderation.  Be humble, because you really don’t know anything, no one does.

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