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Jazz Journeys

Immerse yourself in the heart of New Orleans’ music culture. Explore historic jazz venues, street performances, and the vibrant rhythm that makes the city the birthplace of jazz.

May Magic in New Orleans: A Tapestry of Festivities and Cultural Delights

May’s Lively Canvas in the Crescent City As spring matures, New Orleans unfurls a captivating tapestry of festivities and cultural richness throughout May. Beyond the city’s iconic allure, this month encapsulates the spirit of celebration and diverse experiences. Join us in exploring why May is an exceptional time to immerse yourself in the vibrant energy…

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December 6, 2023

From $59

Once you’ve walked around the French Quarter, see the rest of this beautiful city by electric bike! Cruise through bohemian neighborhoods, ride along the river for spectacular views of the city, explore City Park and visit the Lakefront all in a 3 hour tour.