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Bird Watching: The Black-Bellied Whistling Duck

black bellied whistling duck

Where to find the Black-Bellied Whistling Duck

We’re excited about whistling ducks around here, no question. To start, their recent return to the southern Louisiana swamps has improved our daily cornucopia of birdsongs immensely. This is yet another example of the key function our wetlands play in the yearly migratory path of several hundred north and south american bird species. The wetlands we treasure host the species during their summer mating season. The rest of the year they are from south Texas down to Brazil, hugging both Mexican coasts. They stand out from other ducks, standing more erect and prone to hanging out in trees.

Around Manchac Swamp, they take advantage of wood duck nesting boxes. Their pinkish orange beak and legs are easy identifiers, and above all their whistling calls will precede them! Hopefully the video below inspires you to come see them in person.  Come out with us and have a look/listen! We recommend the Manchac Swamp Tour for the best opportunity to see them.