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3 Kayak Swamp Tour Options

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Kayak Tour

If you are looking for a pristine, majestic, and picturesque swamp tour experience, we believe we have the experience for you! Turtles, alligators, heron, and cypress, surround us as we wind our way through the Manchac Swamp. Located about 35 mins from the quarter, we have transportation options available when you book. The Manchac Swamp tour doesn’t provide the variety of “cultural” experiences as the funky backwoods Honey Island swamp tour does, but it makes up for that by providing some of the most quintessential swamp setting views, abundant wildlife potential and a multitude of beautiful natural sights.

Manchac Swamp

City Historical
Bayou St. John
Kayak Tour

This Bayou St.John kayak tour is located at the end of the trolley line just a quick jaunt away from the french quarter, surrounded by colorful architecture and fun New Orleans, La culture. This leisurely paddle is a great way to learn something about the city and work off that poboy.  It might not be the adventure our other tours are, but it gives you a way to explore and learn about the city that is superior to a generic tour bus.  You also won’t have to commit all afternoon to this activity.  In a town that is barely above water, we think it is best viewed from a kayak.  If you believe this is true, the Bayou St. John Tour is for you!

Bayou St. John

Honey Island

Kayak Tour

If you want a memory you can’t stop talking about for the next few weeks.  If you like funky, dirty, grimy swamps, with eccentric new friends and a bit of wild flare, we have the experience for you.  A wide variety of attractions; a swamp, a bar, a river, rope swingshaunted house boats, an old logging area, the old True Detective set and it is, our playground! Hear your guide talk about protecting the mighty Pearl river that is on the top 10 most endangered list in the US.  You will have an opportunity to take some eco-action along the way. The tour is raw fun!  P.S. Please don’t be afraid of mud, a few local’s cursing over their beer or picking up a piece of trash.

Honey Island Swamp


Combo Tour

New Orleans Plantation Tour and Kayak Tour Combo

Combine a cultural plantation tour, a cajun food stop and a kayak tour of Manchac Swamp to fulfill a day with exploring, feasting and learning.  We combined our favorite plantation tour (we have experienced) of the Whitney Plantation with a notable stop at a cajun food restaurant (food purchase optional) and then a jaunt off into the swamps by kayak with your experienced guide.  A full day of adventuring that will leave you with memories, great photos and a peaceful reprieve from New Orleans. A great way to spend a day touring some hidden gems of the path less traveled.

Combo Tour

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If you like to explore wild places, if you dream of the strange, if the unfamiliar doesn’t scare you, and the backwoods makes you smile.  We have the experience for you.

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Don’t let yourself be crammed into a motorized swamp boat tour that feeds marshmallows to alligators…

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