Natures bounty

November 17, 2017

Natures bounty

Paul Cronan


Plants of the Swamp
There are many beautiful things to look at in the swamp. Below you will find a list of some of
the most common and beautiful plants.

Cypress Trees – Quite possibly the most important to the swamp Cypress Trees can be spotted
all over and provide a habitat for many animals as well as protection against storm surge.

Water Hyacinth – Native to the Amazon basin, these pretty floating lavender flowers are
invasive, brought into the United States during the mid 1880s from South America.

Duckweed – A common wetland vegetation, duckweed is an aquatic green flowering plant,
often scene floating in the swamp.
Louisiana Iris plants – As the name indicates, these five species of iris are native to Louisiana
and their coloring ranges from rusty red to deep purple.

Spider Lily – These plants that commonly grow in wet climates along streams and lakes have
long white flowers and leafless stems.

Common Cattail – Generally found in shallow water, these plants have long green leaves.

Alligator Weed – Alligator weed is usually an aquatic growing plant and flowers during warm
weather with white buds.