• Historical & Architectural

    Bayou St. John

    Kayak Tour

    A New Orleans City Treat

Kayak down the bayou St. John and cruise past New Orleans architecture and hear stories of the past, present and future.

City Architectural & Historical
Bayou St. John
Kayak Tour

This bayou kayak tour is just a quick jaunt away from the french quarter, surrounded by fun architecture and a leisurely paddle, it is a great way to learn something about the city and get a little exercise to work off that poboy. It’s not the wildest ride, you will probably see more people than alligators, and you don’t have to commit all afternoon to this activity, but in a town that is barely above water, we think it is best viewed from a kayak. If you believe this is true, we have the tour for you!

Things to know


Where: Bayou St. John, Easy to get there with Uber or a Street Car. See booking confirmation email for exact details.

Transportation: Bayou St. John Kayak Tour is easily reached from the either a trolley car within the city or via Uber or a taxi.  Exact directions are emailed to you when you book your tour.

Group Size: Kayak Tours can be arranged for a minimum of 2 people. For single paddlers, we can add you to a trip already organized unless a private tour is preferred. We mainly use tandem kayaks. (Single kayaks available on private tours, or odd number groups).

Private Tours: Available, choose the option when you “book now”.

Whats Included: Guide, gear, lesson, narrative, photography optional.

What to Bring: Swimsuit or light layered synthetic clothing, wind breaker/fleece if cooler, change of clothes, towel, hat, sunglasses, sunglasses retainer, water proof camera, water.

Tip: Gratuity is not included in kayak tour price. Your guide works hard to ensure your safety and well being, please let them know if you had a good time.

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Honey Island Swamp
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